5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Office Layout

Published on 01/07/2019

Outdated office layout

Deciding to make any change to the layout of your office needs to be thought about carefully, and changes need to be planned beforehand. Choosing the right desks and the right seating options takes time, but it’s also important to consult with your employees, to make sure you choose the right options. 

It could be that you’re not sure whether making a change to your office layout is right or not. In that case, let’s check out five reasons when the time is near. 

1.    You’re noticing that productivity is static or dipping
2.    Your employees have mentioned new ideas they have seen in other offices
3.    You’re noticing that staff morale is a little low
4.    You feel you could benefit from a new way of working, which a new layout would make easier
5.    You haven’t changed your trendy office desks for several years

Choosing to discuss these issues around the oval boardroom table, rather than telling your staff what is going to happen is a far better option. When your employees feel consulted on changes, they are more likely to respond well to them and perhaps give you ideas which could help to formulate a more useful plan. 

Have you made changes to your office layout recently?


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