5 Ways to Deal With a Constant Chatterer

Published on 15/07/2019

Ways to Deal With a Chatterer

We’ve all been there, you’re sat at your office workstation, trying to get on with the mountain of work you have, and your office neighbour simply won’t shut up talking!

It’s annoying, but you have to deal with in the right way if you want to avoid conflict. 

Here are five ways to deal with a constant office chatterer. 

  1. Allow them five minutes to get it off their chest – Maybe that’s all they need and then they’ll be quiet. A good first option to try!
  2. Try and make it obvious that you’re busy with your body language – Keep your head down, simply nod and don’t make eye contact, make the odd ‘hmm’ noise but don’t engage in chat
  3. If you’re sat at bench desks, try using a mobile partition or screen to place a barrier between you (subtly, of course!)
  4. Use noise cancelling headphones if you need to do concentrated work
  5. If all else fails, politely explain that you really need to get on with your work, and they’re  talking too much!

The problem with open plan offices is that there are many desks within a relatively small space.This means that someone is always going to be talking that little bit too much. Knowing how to deal with it is the key to remaining productive and avoiding constant distractions!

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