How to Work Smarter – Not Harder in 2017

Published on 06/03/2017

To be a successful business professional nowadays, it’s necessary to know how to work smarter instead of working harder. You can become an expert in this by adopting smarter ways of working in a professional environment and sticking to these. Some of these will be highlighted below.

SMART Tip 1: get rid of all your distractions

Do you tend to get easily distracted? If the answer is yes then it’s time to inject some discipline in your life during work hours. The main distractions these days stem from Social Media, so make every effort to switch off from it while you’re at work. It may even be a great idea to go a step further and log off from your Social Media accounts before starting your workday.

Similarly, it’s also helpful to reduce the amount of times you use your mobiles during work hours if you wish to be more productive. There’s no doubt that mobile phones have become an immensely addictive habit but if you only access your mobile phones on your break then you will save a lot of valuable time.

Work smart - be efficient & in control

SMART Tip 2: organise yourself well

The chances of you meeting your deadlines on time and being a resourceful employee are greater when you’re more organised. Organisation can be achieved in range of ways. You can for instance organise your office furniture better by keeping your office desk tidy at every opportunity you get during the week. After all, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. This principle applies to everyone regardless of your job status. Are you the CEO of a large organisation with an expensive but messy executive glass desk? If so then it’s time for a swift office desk makeover to take place.

Alternatively, it’s also a wise idea to make the most out of your office storage solutions. Staff members could for example have a cleaner desk by putting away all their important files from the past in designated office cupboards.

Work smart - be organised



SMART Tip 3: go for regular breaks

Some people are often under the false impression that by becoming workaholics, who are constantly glued to their screens, better results will be achieved. This of course is not true especially since several organisations across the world have found that staff members are likely to be more creative and productive when they take some time-out from their daily tasks.

If you’re at your desk for long periods why not step away at various points of the day and take advantage of your breakout area?

Work smart – be relaxed

The round-up:

It’s evident, that there are variety of ways employees can start working more smartly if they’re not already doing so. In a nutshell, it’s the quality of work that ultimately matters than the quantity. The key towards living a smarter work life is to be efficient, in control, organised and stress-free. If you’re not doing all of the above then it’s time to make some major changes.

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