A boardroom that strikes the right note

Published on 28/10/2016

While your main office can be likened to the engine room of your organisation, your boardroom is akin to the helm. Many important decisions and deals may be made in this space, so it’s important that it really looks and feels the part.

By following a few simple design principles and selecting the right furniture, you can ensure that this part of your premises serves its purpose perfectly. Here at Calibre we’re experts when it comes to products like this and should have exactly what you’re after.

A portal to the world

Thanks to developments in the digital realm, it’s now possible to communicate with people around the world while sitting comfortably in your own boardroom. With phone and video conferencing, you can chat to potential customers, employees, business partners and other parties.

As well as selling an impressive variety of modern office furniture we offer top-notch media walls that might be perfect for your company.

The focal point

Tables serve as the focus of boardrooms, so it’s really important that you select a version that oozes class and style. When you’re perusing your options, bear in mind that size matters when it comes to boardroom furniture. It’s really important that the products you buy are able to accommodate enough people and they should also be in proportion to their surroundings.

It’s worthwhile investing in a table that you can be proud of and that will serve you well for many years to come.

We have executive office furniture capable of seating from six to 56 people. You can also peruse a variety of veneers, edge designs, inlays, bases and shapes.

Take a seat

Then there’s seating to think about. Poorly designed, badly made chairs won’t exactly make a good impression on any visitors you invite into your boardroom.

Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent quality versions for you to choose from, meaning there is no need to settle for second best.

Attention to detail

When you’re staging important meetings in your boardroom, it’s also important to think about those little extras that can help to impress. For example, it’s a good idea to make sure attendees have water glasses and, depending on the time of day, some snacks could be welcome too. Fruit and pastries are popular choices.

It almost goes without saying that these areas should also be spic and span. A nicely polished desk and clean room helps ensure your firm comes across as professional and organised.

More generally, it may be a good idea to introduce some artwork to the walls of your boardroom, but make sure that if you do, the items reflect your corporate style.

See for yourself

If you’re itching to revamp your boardroom with some new furniture or want to just find out more about conference room design, then it would be advisable to get in touch with one of our trained specialists. We offer an impressive variety of contemporary office furniture and should have exactly what you’re after.

Meanwhile, if you’re not sure what to go for, you can take advantage of our design service. This can really take the pressure off.

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