A guideline on choosing the right office furniture

Published on 27/10/2016

Recently, I came across a really interesting post by http://blog.loot.com/ about the top tips for choosing office furniture. Fortunately, I’ve always worked at organisations that have really attractive and well-chosen furniture for the entire workplace. This of course helps me remain motivated throughout the week and I’m confident the same would apply for my work colleagues too.

I agree with the point about not stuffing up the office too much with furniture. Not using up the space in a safe way can become hazardous not only for staff members but also clients who come for occasional visits. Perhaps it’s a better option to seek for some professional assistance when it comes to utilising the office space in the best way.

It wasn’t until recently that I really understood the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. This is because as time has gone by I have started to experience unpleasant backaches and eyestrain. Everything ranging from your office desk, chair, desktop screens to taking frequent breaks are all closely linked to ergonomics. Getting this right in a workspace is absolutely essential for it to be a pleasant place to work in.

For me as the article also outlines having some variety in the office is vital. This is mostly because I feel a selection of different styles, colours & designs of furniture can greatly amplify one’s mood in the office environment. This would no doubt capture everyone’s attention and make it a more fun place to be present at for both employees and clients. I still remember one of my past client offices looked so colourful and trendy that I use to actually always look forward to having meetings there. The key learning from this is that having an eye-catching office can keep everyone engaged and that’s always bonus when expanding your business operations further. 


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