A Guideline on How to Choose The Right Office Desk

Published on 26/05/2018

Choosing the right desk for your particular requirements might seem like an easy task, but once you start looking into the wide range of desks available, you’ll soon discover it can be a harder task than you first thought!

Office furniture design is much more sophisticated than it has ever been before, and that means making a considered and careful choice before purchasing your ideal desk. From office storage to office screens, the office furniture you choose for your workspace, be it a formal office setting, or a home office, needs to be weighed up in terms of pros and cons.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of each of the most popular types of office desks around at the moment, namely the corner desk, the L shaped desk, and the traditional straight desk.

Corner Desks

These desks, as the name would suggest, fit snugly into a corner, and allow you work space in front of you, and to each side of you also. The pros? Corner desks certainly look great, and they also fit into most rooms, even if the rest of the space is quite irregular. These types of desk are also ideal for home offices, and they give you a sense of being surrounded by your work, so you can immerse yourself totally in the task, without distractions.

The downside? You’re probably going to be looking at a wall for the most part, and unless you want to invest in a large desk, space can be limited.

L-Shaped Desks

As the name would suggest, this type of desk is shaped in an L, and offers a long stretch of flat space, and then a smaller section to one side of the person sitting there. In terms of the advantages, these types of desk are spacious, and you can either place your monitor on the long flat section, or into the corner of the L. This gives you a sense of division in your desk, with the side section being a separate space from the rest.

The downside of this type of desk is that they are quite space consuming, and the corner section can take up a lot of space if you do decide to place your computer monitor in that part. These types of desk are actually ideal for use with executive office chairs.

Straight Desks

This type of desk has been around since the very start, and you’ll find a huge range of styles, including glass office desks in a straight design. The upside of this type of desk is that it is sturdy and will usually fit into most rooms, with a long edge. You can use the entire space of the desk, and you don’t lose any space with corners etc. The downside really is the traditional edge, as many people don’t want something a little more modern. You’re also likely to be facing a wall with this type of desk.

So, which type of desk will you choose?

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