Tips on how to make your workplace more enjoyable and productive

Published on 27/10/2016

Recently, I came across a really interesting article by: about the various ways to make work more fun and productive. Apart from getting an office dog because from past experiences I know they are a BIG distraction, all the other ideas mentioned seem like a great idea! My personal favourite is the one about having an attractive workspace. This certainly is true for me! I work a lot better when the office place is in a good condition and if it looks pleasant. For me, having a few eye-catching portraits on the wall, modern looking office furniture, and getting the colour scheme right usually do the trick on lifting my spirits up at work.

It is also really important for me, which I’m sure many other office workers will agree, is to have positive and healthy work relations with my fellow colleagues. It is immensely demotivating to work in a toxic office environment so the point in the article about encouraging friendships at work is spot on.

To summarise, I greatly believe if employers and employees both have a mutual understanding and recognise each other’s needs then this will indeed lead to many promising results. I personally have a work hard, play hard attitude, which I encourage many of you to also adopt, if you haven’t done so already.

On a separate note, Christmas is only around the corner so this would be a great opportunity for you and your work colleagues to mingle and get to know each other better in a more social context. It also gives you the opportunity to collectively celebrate the hard work you have all put in this year. A great resolution that I think should be on everyone’s list in the coming year is to try keep up the moral and positivity in the workplace in all circumstances especially during challenging periods at work in 2017. 

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