A Sustainable Office is a Happier Office

Published on 28/01/2022

There are many ways to raise office morale. We all know that high morale equals higher productivity and that has a direct link with increased profits. But, out of all the ways to increase morale, did you know that opting to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly could be a good option?

Of course, trying to do our best to protect the planet is a key responsibility all of us share. Climate change is high up on the agenda these days and you could definitely say that it should have been much higher up earlier than it was. But, we are at a point now where definitive actions needs to be taken.

When it comes to looking at new office design trends, it’s no surprise that sustainability is part and parcel. Businesses are looking at ways to reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions, and recycle as much as possible, amongst other initiatives.

There are many reasons why this is a good option for businesses, not least the planet. Check out this video which explains why sustainability is a good choice for businesses.

So, we know that opting towards sustainable choices is a good route forward, but why does it raise morale?

Basically, when you work for a business that agrees that protecting the planet is important and is high up on its agenda, you know you’re working for a business that cares. Far too many would push that aside and focus on profits over carbon footprint, but when a businesses decides to be as responsible as they can be in terms of how they affect the world we live in, it’s certainly a plus point.

Employees want to work for businesses that care and that value them as humans too. But, when they show that they value their working environment, that takes things to another level entirely. By focusing upon doing what you can to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, you’re ticking several boxes. You’re doing your bit for the planet and you're showing your employees that you care about the environment in which they work.

So, while you shouldn’t need to be nudged towards being more environmentally friendly and sustainable, it’s good avenue to go down for many reasons.

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