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Agile Office & Employee Engagement

Published on 13/05/2019

Agile office and employee

There are many things which an employer needs to bear in mind if they want to create the ultimate level of productivity within an office. One of those areas is the design of the space and where office desks are placed. 

Have you heard of an agile office? This is a method of working which allows staff to choose where they want to sit, according to the type of work they need to do. This differs slightly to hot desking, which many employees don’t actually enjoy. 

Many offices have found that agile methods of working, such as incorporating collaborative office desks, can help to improve employee engagement, leading to better morale, and therefore increased productivity. We all know that higher productivity means higher profits!

Checkout this infographic for a little more information. 

Infographic about the agile office and employee engagement


As you can see, the main factors of an agile workspace are collaboration, productivity, social freedom, innovation, performance, and satisfaction. By giving staff choice over which executive office chair they sit in and which desk they use for the day, you are allowing them to mix up their working environment to suit the task they need to complete. By allowing this choice, you’re improving how motivated, inspired, and ultimately, engaged they are. No downside there!

Have you ever worked in an agile office?


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