An Office Spring Clean is a Great Idea!

Published on 30/07/2022

What better way to welcome new energy into your office than to have a big spring clean? You’ll get rid of any junk you don’t want or need, be able to gift it elsewhere or recycle it, and your space will look clean and fresh as a result.

It’s very easy for an office to become cluttered over time. We hold onto things, believing that perhaps we will need them at some point, but the truth is, you don’t! You also keep extra office furniture ‘just in case’, which could be recycled or sent to people in need of extra desks and chairs.

The winter months are also famous for cluttering up an office. You don’t feel inclined to change much during the cold weather, and you simply want to get through the season and into the warmer months. When spring is about to arrive, pulling everything out of your office and having a deep clean is a great way to start afresh.

Spring is a month known for rebirth and new beginnings and that’s why the famous ‘spring clean’ is something everyone thinks about at this point. The summer office can also be a difficult place to work, so this is the ideal time to think ahead and start planning for how you’re going to make your space cooler and more comfortable during the hot weather.

Streamlining what you need in your office is always a great idea. There’s a reason the minimalist movement has gained pace. You could also think about going paperless at this point, and doing your bit for not only the environment but making your space more productive too.

By including your employees in your big spring clean, you’ll go a long way to not only creating a more streamlined space but you’ll also help them to feel valued and listened to. You’re asking them what they would like from their office and listening to their ideas. That’s ideal for morale.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be spring to think about having a big clean either!

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