Calibre's Quick Insights - Are First Impressions Everything?

Published on 23/11/2018

Dear Reader,

Welcome to today’s quick insights session here at Calibre!

Today's main topic of discussion will be focused on: are first impressions everything in a modern workplace? 

Our answer at Calibre to this is yes, yes, and yes again!

When you walk into a reception area, are you thinking about the things you need to do that day or what to have for dinner? No, you’re scanning the area and forming your impression of what you’re seeing. Think about first impressions you’ve had of people - if you had a negative vibe from someone, it probably took a while for them to win you around, right?

Reception areas reflect the entire company, and that positive first impression is vital. 

It’s about what you see, how it’s organised, and how the receptionist behaves.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it mirror your company?
  • It is organised and clean?
  • Is it comfortable? Do you have quality reception chairs in place?
  • Is the lighting and temperature okay?
  • Do you have an effective check in process? More and more companies are going for electronic check in systems, but if you go down that route, make sure it is easy to use for all age groups and abilities
  • Is your receptionist smiley and helpful at all times?

If your answers to those questions are positive, you’re onto a winner. If they’re less than that, you need to improve. Check out office furniture Manchester choices if you’re in the region, to find some inspiration of how you might like to redesign an existing space.

Thanks for reading!

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