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Let's Discuss - Are Open Plan Offices a Bad Idea?

Published on 14/12/2018

When it comes to office design, there are many different routes you can do go down. The one you choose really has to reflect the type of work being done in that space. If you get your set up wrong, productivity is sure to be on the slide.

Check out this video from the Financial Times, which talks about the pros and cons of an open plan office design.

Do you agree? Poorly designed open plan offices have been shown to make staff sick more often, less productive, stressed out, and as the person says, helpless because they have a lack of control over the environment they’re working in. That’s not good, right?

On the other hand, we have to say that open plan offices are great for collaboration, and help to promote a team-working ethos within a business. Therefore, as the person in the video says, perhaps it is more about making sure the office is designed correctly, than laying the blame firmly at the feet of an entire type of office design.

Different types of work, e.g. close work, teamwork, work involving numbers and figures, they all need specific spaces to maximise how well that job can be done. You can’t put someone in the middle of a collaborative space and expect them to be able to count figures! Equally, staff can’t brainstorm in the middle of a quiet area. Zones are therefore vital, and finding the right office furniture sets to compliment all of that.

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