Are you sitting upright?

Published on 27/10/2016

Having the correct posture at work isn’t something I’ve paid much attention to in the past but that has all changed since I recently started experiencing sharp back pains myself.

I’ve been reading a great deal of material on ways to improve my posture at work. There is a really insightful article on the website, which gives you some useful tips on how this can be achieved.

This article puts great emphasis on being mindful, so you are naturally put back into good habits. Examples like starting from your feet to attain the ideal posture would normally be overlooked by a range of workers like myself but these are the basics we should start thinking about more. The key is to always remind ourselves during work hours to sit upright and in case we forget we should create post-it notes like the article suggest as reminders to keep our posture in check.

Although it’s a real treat to go for massages to help relieve our back pains, it can still become immensely costly overtime. The best inexpensive ways that have worked for me are things like moving around in your work place every so often, sitting on a comfortable pillow throughout the course of the day and doing some desk exercises like desk yoga during most of my lunch breaks.

I’ve also found that discussing your aches and pains with others is really helpful. This is because they might share some really useful tips with you that you might presently be unaware of. For example, the creative desk yoga idea that I’ve just mentioned was suggested by a previous work colleague of mine and it has worked wonders for me ever since I’ve started doing it.

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