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Arm Rests – Yes or No?

Published on 12/03/2019

Chair with arm rest

There is a debate which rages on in most offices – are office chairs meant to have arm rests or are they a total annoyance?

There is an argument on both sides concerning this subject, and many people believe that having arm rests only serves to encourage a bad posture, e.g. you lead to one side, towards the arm rest and slouch as a result. Having said that, the design idea behind office furniture arm rests is actually the opposite. Many studies have shown that arm rests help to take the load off the back, which would otherwise be contributed to by the hands and arms. When we don’t have arm rests, our natural posture slouches as we place our hands in our laps. 

Of course, it also comes down to what feels comfortable for you and your body shape and size. Some people find arm rests too restrictive, and they can make you feel a little ‘penned in’, especially if the chair doesn’t have wheels, and is more in the mesh chair design. Conversely, other people prefer to the feeling of stability which arm rests bring. In some ways it is about desk personalisation, i.e. you can remove them if they don’t suit you, and keep them if they do. If you do remove them, you need to be posture savvy to avoid slouching. 

Whatever you take on arm rests, it’s important that you choose the right types of furniture for your own specific needs. This will boost comfort and therefore productivity at the same time. 

Are you an arm rest person or do you remove them? 

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