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Artwork in the Office for Mental Wellbeing

Published on 11/12/2018

For many years, artwork was primarily seen as a private pursuit; something that people were able to enjoy in their free time at galleries, or install in their homes to improve the space.

However, in a time when the emphasis on mental health and well-being is at an all-time high, there is more and more call for artwork to have a place in our professional lives, too. Rather than something that people enjoy in their spare time, many offices are choosing to use artwork to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their office and even improve employee mental health and wellbeing.


Why is artwork important for an office?
Simply put, artwork makes an office space look better. Given that staff will spend at least seven hours per day in the office, the better the area looks, the better people working in that space will feel. Working in a dull space is unlikely to get the most from employees; everyone needs a certain level of visual stimulation and interest in order to perform at their best.

It is no surprise, then, that the benefits of artwork for mental health are long established. Art helps to ease mental health issues such as anxiety, as well as boosting feelings of personal creativity. Furthermore, viewing artwork can inspire people to produce their own, sparking people’s imagination and encouraging them to engage in an activity, which carries even more health and wellbeing benefits.

Finally, artwork can also help an office space to look well designed and professional. For offices that regular host client meetings, the role of artwork cannot be underestimated; it helps to say that the company is competent, capable, and understands the importance of an attractive working environment for its staff - all of which reflect very well on the business as a whole.


What is the best style of office artwork?
There’s no specific style of artwork that could be considered office artwork as such, and the usage of art in offices varies widely, influenced by personal taste as well as considerations on what complements the existing commercial office furniture. Given that many current office designs centre around a sleek, stylish, and minimal aesthetic, contemporary artwork has enjoyed popularity thanks to its ability to blend effortlessly with a hyper-modern theme, while photography or typographic art can be customised to reflect the company’s core themes and values. All of the above are well worth considering.


Are there any further considerations when looking to buy office artwork?
Colour is an incredibly important consideration when buying office artwork. Numerous studies have proven that colour within your office design hugely affects human moods, as well as influencing productivity levels and overall happiness. In particular, colours such as orange and green have been associated with boosting mood and overall productivity - benefits that will be of huge importance in any office.


In conclusion
Office design does not have to be boring and functional; in fact, adding a little extra visual interest by way of office artwork (…and funky office furniture items) can make a great difference to those who work in the office, as well as occasional visitors. Whether opting for a contemporary design, office furniture items like office desks, or something a little more traditional, the undeniable benefits are sure to be enjoyed by all.




Guest post by: Ellie Ferguson, Content Specialist

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