Being Aware of Negativity at Work

Published on 31/05/2022

You’re not a mindreader, and that’s why you might be puzzled when it comes to trying to work out how your employees feel about their working days. 

Of course, you could ask them, but how do you know that they feel able to tell you the truth? If employees feel a little low in morale, they’re far more likely to tell you that everything’s okay when it’s far from the case. 

Focusing on positivity at work is important for businesses. When employees are happy, they’re generally healthier, more productive, and everyone works together well, bringing new ideas to the fore. 

So, how can you be aware of negativity?

Observation - that’s how. 

You need to know your employees as well as possible. Then, you can spot when something doesn’t seem right with them. Of course, it could simply be that they’re having a tough time at home and they’re a little worried about something that has nothing to do with work. But, it could also be a work issue that’s causing them to feel a little down. 

By encouraging a team working feel within your office, everyone can help to rally around and pull together for the good of everyone, and of course, the team’s aim. But, as a manager, you need to take that a step further and be on the lookout for any worrying signs. 

Body language is key here. If you notice your office is full of employees who seem to be slumped over their office desks, rarely making eye contact with anyone, and they don’t seem to be very animated when collaborating around the modern boardroom tables, it’s very likely that there is a morale issue at hand. 

In that case, you need to tackle it quickly. Call an informal team chat and ask how you can make the working experience better for everyone. Don’t jump in there and say, “what is wrong with you all?” That won’t work! By asking what you can do for them, you’re showing your employees that you value them. That’s a great way to start banishing negativity and breathing positive energy into the space. 

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