Benefits of Modular Office Furniture

Published on 17/04/2018

As time goes on, we are seeing more and more offices move towards more flexible styles of working. This could be offering different working hours to staff, it could be about working with freelancers and outsourcing difficult tasks to specific skill-sets, or it could simply be about office redesign. One style which is becoming prevalent is the modular office.

This type of office has pros and cons, but it is about being able to move with the times, and offers companies a large amount of flexibility. Modular office furniture is sleek, modern, and it is adaptable. It has been tailor-made and chosen to fit the design of the office and suit the needs of the work that is done there. Being customised is of course the number one benefit, meaning that it suits the workplace down to a tee, but there are a few other benefits of choosing office furniture that is more modular in nature.

Firstly however, what exactly is a modular office?

A modular office is a term used to describe an office which can be moved around and changed at whim. There are several parts which are interchangeable and all add up to a whole. For instance, you would have several workstations which could come together to create a nest of collaborative working, or you could change things around to create a quieter environment. Modular offices are flexible and they are cost effective. It’s basically good business sense overall.

Let’s check out the benefits in a bit more detail.

Movable And Mobile

Modular desks and chairs are made from light material, but despite that they are super-high in quality too. This means that if you decide to change your office around, move locations, or generally redesign overall, you won’t need to keep buying new furniture every single time, and it won’t be a huge upheaval to move things either. You aren’t going to need to get a team in to change it all up. This adds up to a cost effective save, but the mobile nature of modular furniture is a key selling point which many businesses find very attractive.

It Looks the Part

We know that appearances are everything when it comes to giving the right impression to outsiders, especially if you are greeting customers and clients into your office occasionally. By having high quality modular furniture you are giving the correct impression to those visitors. As we just mentioned, first impressions mean everything in business. Luxury office furniture doesn’t have to be large and bulky, and having light, efficient modular furniture in this niche will show that your business is confident about what it does and how it works. Basically, this type of office furniture is professional with a capital P. You can also easily change the appearance, with just a few moves and tweaks here and there.

It is Flexible

Whether we’re talking about office storage or larger desks, modular office furniture is very flexible to your needs. We already mentioned that you can move it around much more easily than traditional furniture, but that is only part of the story. You can change the look of your office with ease, because modular furniture has that sleek, modern appearance as standard. We just talked about it looking the part and attracting clients, but it is vitally important to be able to do that in today’s cut-throat business world.

You can easily adapt a desk into a collaborative area, you can easily move a chair into a reception area, and it will not look out of place. This means you’re saving money on your future office moves and redecorations! Many offices choose to have swaps and moves seasonally, because it stops things become stagnant, and it helps to keep minds fresh.

It Places Staff Comfort First

Modular office furniture gives your employees a comfortable and attractive place to work. We can’t place enough importance on how vital that is, and a member of staff who enjoys their surroundings, who is comfortable in where they work, will always reach their potential and do a better job than someone who doesn’t like the office, feels penned in, or isn’t comfortable at their desk or in their chair.

You might have a variety of different types of staff in your office, those who like to work quietly, those who like to be more collaborative and vocal, and those who like to do both. In that case, investing in modular office furniture can help you to move around the design and facilitate it all. You can create cubicles and booths for quiet areas and tasks, you can create collaborative areas with large desks and open spaces, for when brainstorming needs to take place. Basically, you can meet the needs of your employees and put them first.

It Saves Money

All of the benefits above add up to cost effectiveness. Why? Because you don’t have to keep changing and buying, you don’t need to keep adding to your furniture set, you already have it, you simply need to move it around and be creative.

The flexibility and long-lasting nature of modular office furniture means that business can save a large amount of cash on office design, whether we’re talking about executive chairs, reception furniture, or regular office desks. The mood of an office can be moved without a huge cost attached to it, the feel of an area can easily be adapted to changing working practices, and you can help staff who need a quieter space, allowing them to be free and comfortable to get their job done to the best of their ability.

Is your business ready to make the move into modular office furniture? These benefits should certainly show you just how positive a move that could be, and despite the initial cost, there are minimal costs in terms of office design from that point forwards.

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