Calibre’s RoundTable Discussion: Office Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

Published on 22/05/2018

Some people might be under the impression that office space planning for smaller spaces is a lot easier compared to offices that are extremely large in size. Of course, this is a huge misconception because designing small offices can certainly be a challenging task too!

In light of this therefore, we thought it would be useful to create an article that will provide you with some handy office furniture ideas for small spaces. The following ideas should hopefully guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the most appropriate office furniture items for your small office space.

Idea 1: compact office desks

Let’s start with one of the most fundamentals of any office, the desk!

The rule of thumb when designing smaller offices is to essentially….think SMALL! For example, when it comes to selecting office desks, it might be a sensible idea to go for the more compact type of workstations such as corner desks.  

Alternatively, if you want to go for something a bit more extravagant for your office i.e. your home office then perhaps you could take a look at investing in a compact style luxury office deskThis is entirely up to you to decide!

Idea 2: smart office storage solutions

Moreover, let’s not forget about where we will be storing our paperwork and other vital office items. In reality, not everyone will be keen on storing essential documents online on the cloud storage system as some of us will still want to go for office storage solutions that can be physically seen!

For this reason therefore, opting for office storage items compact in size to keep in a small office space such as small credenzas, small side filing cabinets and even our small hotboxes, which are also available here at Calibre would be the perfect solution!  

Idea 3: avoid overdoing it with your office seating

Additionally, in order to save space, it be advisable to think carefully about the number of items like office chairs that will realistically be required at your office as this can take up a lot of room.

For example, if you’re a freelancer working for yourself then you would probably only need to purchase one stylish ergonomic office chair for yourself and perhaps a couple of breakout stools in order to utilise your workspace in the most effective way.

Idea 4: go for a minimalist office look

By now, it’s possible that you might have some concerns on the type of look a minimalist approach will bring to the table. This is completely natural. The key is to make your workspace appear interesting and alluring in other ways such as through colour. For example, you can decide to go for only white office furniture items and then use a bright colour like fuchsia pink for the walls. You can also create a highly enhancing workspace with a couple of miniature sized office plants, so don’t forget to be as creative as you can possibly be!  

The round-up:

That’s it for today folks on office furniture ideas for small spaces. As mentioned earlier, the key takeaway here is to always THINK SMALL. In other words, you should only buy what you need and nothing extra when it comes to small sized workspaces.   

We hope you have found this week’s roundtable discussion handy. Please feel free to leave some feedback in the comments box below if you wish to.

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