Choosing The Right Charity For Your Business to Connect With

Published on 08/07/2019


Deciding to team up with and support a charity, whether local or national, is a great idea and one which can bring major benefits to your business too. 

Despite that, you need to ensure that you choose the right charity to work with, because this will ensure that you do the right amount of good for a charity that really resonates with who you are as a business, and that external customers and clients can see the connection.

For instance, a company selling children’s toys may decide to team up with a local children’s hospital or charity. This is a natural progression and one which makes sense. You could also go national, such as Help The Aged, Cancer Research, etc, and these are charities which you can do a lot of good for. 

Choosing the right charity also means consulting with your employees and finding out if anyone has any specific ideas which mean a lot to them. Gather everyone around the oval boardroom table and ask for ideas. 

If you have more than one ideas which employees are quite passionate about whilst brainstorming at office bench desks or in the conference room, you could split your charitable efforts between two. It is best to stick at two as a maximum however, and you can rotate which charities you work for to extend this to others at a later time.


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