Let's Discuss: Confused About How to Set up a Video Conferencing Room?

Published on 07/11/2018

A conference room needs to be many things. It needs to be comfortable, it has to have a large conference table, and it needs to serve the purpose of the meeting. In the modern day that means video conferencing.

Technology can be confusing, but check out this video to find out just how easy setting up a video conferencing room can really be - you might be surprised!


What did you think? Is this something you feel confident setting up?

Just five steps is really all it takes:

•   Checking your lighting and acoustics

•   Installing USB connected microphones and speakers

•   Setting up a USB camera

•   Installing your HD TVs

•   Installing and using the correct software


Of course, there needs to be the correct furniture within that room - delegates need conference chairs to sit on! Thankfully, setting up your conference room basics isn’t as hard as the technological side of things, and there are many different options available, including stylish white office furniture to make the room look larger.

Remember, as technology moves on, traditional meetings with papers and one speaker are likely to be less and less. It’s vital to move with the times, but thankfully, as this video shows, that isn’t as hard as many of us first think.

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