Could Going Paperless Reduce Workplace Stress?

Published on 24/11/2021


For many years we’ve heard about the idea of offices going paperless. But for many, it’s simply been something to aim towards but never achieve. 

Has your office tried to go paperless and never quite got there? If that’s the case, now is the time to press forward with your plans and really try to make it happen. 

The paperless office has many benefits: 

  • It helps to make life easier when finding documents
  • It is better for the environment
  • It produces far less waste
  • It’s more secure
  • It’s a low stress approach to storage
  • It helps with office design, i.e. less space taken up by office storage solutions

Let’s zone in on the stress free approach to storage mention. Do you think that having a paperless office is a stressless answer? We all know that trying to find documents in a filing cabinet isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially if the system isn’t well organised. If you need to find something quickly, it’s also a pretty annoying thing to have to do! 

When you have an electronic filing system, it’s far easier to find what you’re looking for. There are no security issues, as long as you use a reliable options, such as the Cloud, and make sure everything is encrypted and password protected. 

So, in that case, perhaps going paleness could be a good stress management in the workplace option. What do you think?

To further push home the benefits of going paperless, check out this infographic. 

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There are many ways to reduce stress in the workplace, but it’s about finding the right options for your office. While we can never totally kick out the chances of every experiencing some amount of stress, we can do a lot to reduce it. Going paperless works hand in hand with reducing pressure and stress because of how much easier it is to find what you’re looking for, but it can also be good for your office design too. 

Filing cabinets and other storage units take up a lot of space. If you need to have several office desks in that space, then you’re going to struggle to fit it all without causing cramped conditions. That’s a stressful situation in itself, not to mention causing a potential safety hazard too. 

So, when you add up all the reasons, it’s fair to say that going paperless could help to reduce workplace stress.

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