Creating a feeling of power in your office

Published on 28/10/2016

If you want to create a powerful impact on your clients when they come to visit, you’re going to need an office that reflects your power. Whether you’re CEO or MD, your office is a space that reflects how you conduct your business and how you want people to perceive you. We’ve compiled a list of office furniture that is sure to showcase your power.

Desk Dynamics

Your desk space will speak volumes about how you conduct your business. If you want to show that you are an overachiever and strive to excel, ‘trophy’ your desk and cover it in significant moments from your professional history. Display photos of international business transactions, have minimal clutter to show an organised mind, boast photos of the expensive holidays you’ve had, frame your academic qualifications. The desk itself should be sleek, minimal, have dark wood and metal components. These hints to industry will show that you are a solid investment for your client, that you don’t stand for disorganisation or frivolity. Appearing reliable and secure is only a good message to send out to a potential client and should be carefully considered when purchasing a desk. Our Treve1 desk does all of this and more.

Seat of Power

A powerful office chair can do a lot of the speaking for you. If you have a client waiting for you to enter the room, and they happen to be waiting in your office, then give them a beautiful and powerful chair to behold. Not only can a successful chair improve your posture and how you hold yourself in a meeting; it can also tell a story. Want to give off the image that your company is well established and has been successful for a long time? Then use a chair that is worn in and has had years of use. Want to show you’re a fresh and dynamic company? Then go for a bold, original design that shows off your creativity. Our SAB8 chair is perfect for the dynamic, creative professional.

If you’re a company that uses a lot of resources then a library is a great way to store in a powerfully impressive way. Store things that inspired your business into being, keep handy resources close by - anything that you need to boast your business prowess will surely help improve your image with your client base. It has always been said that knowledge is power; if you want to show that you’re a powerfully knowledgeable business owner then install a library.

Sometimes you might have a big business meeting where you need to impress in the boardroom. The design and style of your boardroom table will speak about yourself and your company just as much as your office desk. Make sure people are easily seen and there’s a head chair so that levels of authority are clearly defined. Place yourself in the leadership position and head the meeting around a table that is sleek, professional and representative of your company’s ethos.

Calibre Furniture is here to create that powerful image your company needs. Browse our full range of office furniture to ensure that you’re sending out the right image. 

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