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Let's Discuss - Desk Arrangements for Productivity

Published on 12/12/2018

Do you think it is possible to set up your office desk for a more productive day? According to an interesting infographic, we found on Huffington Post, it’s entirely possible!


What do you think about the suggestions they have made? The most contentious there is probably about messy desks encouraging a creative mind. Most people prefer to go down the line of an organised desk for productivity, but perhaps it depends on the personality type of the specific person?

Having the colour green, or even blue, around you has been shown to increase mood and calmness, and help you be more creative, whilst plants in the workspace are ideal for reducing stress. We all know that we should be sitting properly at our desks, whether they’re fancy glass office desks or another type of desk!

Do you have pictures of loved ones on your desk? According to the infographic, this can help you to reduce stress and thoughts of a negative nature - something to try!

No matter how a desk is set up, it’s important to have the right amount of space available. Check out office furniture UK choices if you’re ready for an upgrade in your office, but it’s important to identify the correct type for each employee. How about height adjustable desks? Many people stick to regular desks, but there are many different types of glass desks available also for you to opt for nowadays.

Do you have any other suggestions for a productive desk set up? Drop us a line on our Twitter page and let us know.

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