Let's Discuss: Do Standing Desks Really Work?

Published on 06/11/2018

How do you feel about standing at office desks? Do you think it’s a productive idea, healthy even? Or, do you think it’s just a little bit odd?

Imagine walking into a busy open plan office, you look around and half the people in there are stood up, typing away, and half are sat down. A little strange? Well, yes maybe, but standing desks, e.g. height adjustable desks are actually very good for your health.

Past research has shown that a sedentary lifestyle, e.g. sitting for long periods, can contribute towards a higher risk of heart issues, diabetes development, and problems with the lower back and neck. We basically need to move more, but when you have an office job, that can be hard. The answer? Push a button and adjust your desk, and stand up for a while! This can also give your brain a boost of productivity.

All that from just standing up!

Don’t worry, your super-comfortable office chairs aren’t going to be surplus to requirements  any time soon, as standing for too long can be just as bad! It’s about finding a good source of middle ground.

How do you feel about standing at a desk? Is it something you like the sound of? Check out office furniture UK choices online to see just how these types of desks work - you might be pleasantly surprised at how much work you actually get done!

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