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Do You Get Enough Natural Light on a Daily Basis?

Published on 08/05/2019

Natural light

There is a rather startling statistic coming your way. 

According to a study by Ambius, 40% of UK workers spend 15 minutes outside per day maximum, not even including their journey to and from work. We are literally refusing to leave our office desks!

Just 15 minutes!

We’re basically deficient in natural light, and when you consider the health and brain focus benefits of Mother Nature’s illumination, you can see why this is such a huge problem. 

Check out this infographic for an outline of exactly why. 

Infographic explaining the importance of natural light


Perhaps you’re too engrossed in the conversation going on around the meeting room table, or you simply feel you have too much work to do. Maybe you don’t feel like walking in the rain, or perhaps the sun is too bright. Regardless of the excuse, get yourself out there on your breaks and soak up that light! 

Designing an office to allow as much natural light to enter as possible is vital. There are dos and don’ts to office lighting, but if you can get it right, you’ll reap the benefits as a business, but also as an employee. Whether you have the top designer office furniture or not, natural light will revolutionise your space. 

How much natural light do you get?


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