Let's Discuss - Does a Designer Tag Matter?

Published on 10/12/2018

If you’re a keen shopper, you’ll no doubt own a few designer labels. There is a certain amount of fashion kudos that comes with owning a big brand name, and of course, you have peace of mind that you’re getting good quality too. When it comes to luxurious office furniture, do you think that designer choices matter?

Think about it this way - your staff are spending a lot of time sitting at their office desk, and as a result, they need to be comfortable and supported. In addition, they need to be happy in the design, e.g. they need to like where they’re sitting too. It’s not about simply going to work and getting the job done, it’s about having a large amount of job satisfaction too. Designer office chairs tick that very box.

Why should fancy furniture choices be reserved for Chief Executives only? If you want to provide your employees with a quality place to work, and somewhere, which visitors are going to be impressed by, choosing high quality designer office furniture is a great way to go. We’re talking about things like leather chairs, sleek designs, and a look, which is more modern and stylish, than simply functional.

What do you think? Do you follow the line of ‘you get what you pay for?’, or do you look to save cash wherever possible? Drop us a line on our Twitter page and let us know your thoughts.

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