Does Agile Working Suit Modern Employees Better?

Published on 30/09/2021


There are many different ways of working but one of the most recent, and most successful, is agile working. 

This means an office is separated into different zones. You’ll have a collaborative area, a quiet working area, breakout spaces, touchdown zones, and meeting spaces. Not all offices will incorporate all of these zones but these are the main ones concerned with agile working models.

Check out this video for a quick overview. 

Of course, the office needs to be designed in a way that is bright, innovative, and easy to move around. Ergonomic office furniture is a must, as well as a decor that is inspiring. When an office is designed in this way, it’s much easier to work with the task at hand in your mind, and not trying to simply sit at the same desk you would normally go to in the morning. 

But, does agile working suit everyone? Of course not. Everyone works differently and has a different personality, so there’s never going to be one way that suits every single person. However, agile working is very flexible and gives employees the power of choice. So, does agile working suit the modern employee better?

In many ways, yes.

Agile working is focused on working together much of the time. It’s focused on the task but the best way to achieve task success is through teamwork. Collaboration is a huge focus of agile working too and that’s something which modern employees enjoy doing and have a lot of experience in. 

Aside from anything else, the flexibility of agile working also helps to create a better home and work-life balance for many. The possibility of working outside of the office means that if someone has responsibilities at home or something they need to attend to on a specific day, they can do so without any major problems. 

So, while agile working certainly isn’t without it's challenges and problems occasionally, it is a more innovative and creative way to work. Moving away from the general norm is never a bad thing and if a way of working suits the people in the office, it’s going to lead to increased productivity, increased morale, and of course, increased profits at the end of the day too. 

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