Does an Inviting Office Reception Create Profitable Business Opportunities?

Published on 10/12/2018

What do you see the moment you enter an office?

The reception desk, right? You notice the desk, possibly personal belongings too and maybe the person sitting behind it? And, in case you have to wait, the reception desks colour, its shape and its size all become prominent. So, is it okay to say that a reception desk is the most important piece of office furniture in an office?

Possibly yes! Any smart businessman would ensure that he or she has an inviting and well- kept and modern reception desk. If people who visit your office are going to judge you by the appearance of your office furniture sets and mainly the reception desk, then they might as well take back a good impression.

Is it really important to have an attractive reception desk?

In this highly competitive world, appearances matter and anything that makes you stand out is going to help your business. The image building starts with your security guard and his or her efficiency and is almost sealed at the reception area.

A well- kept and clear reception desk gives an indication of the company’s ideals. Obviously, a boss will never tolerate an unkempt reception desk. At the same time, he or she would want a modern reception desk that can house all the necessary gadgets and still look picture perfect.

So, what is a modern reception desk?

Ideally, a reception desk that falls under the category of being modern is not too large and not too small. It is mostly custom built to suit the space requirement of the office. It has many drawers to fit in all the important stationery, files and papers and has ample space to accommodate gadgets like phones, intercom system, computer, printer, etc.

‘Modern’ pieces of office furniture are smart, well designed but do not have any intricate carvings or designs. They are there to fulfil the purpose and look classy and useful.

Shapes and size of reception desks

A reception desk’s shape and size must comply with the space of the office, nature of the business and the individual choice of the stakeholders. You may like a different kind of office reception, but if the desk does not fit or suit your office space, it will stand out like a sore thumb.

So when choosing a reception desk, keep these things in mind:

  1. Your office space: how big is the area, what is the shape of the room, the décor of the room, the colour and the theme of the room.
  2. Nature of your business: say for example, you have an interior designing shop or a fashion studio, you could go all out and have a funky reception desk; however, if you have a college or a chartered accountant’s firm, your reception desk should have the air of professionalism, should be minimal and smart. Of course, it can be classy but a funky reception desk in your kind of business would look out of place.
  3. Your own personal choice: nothing is more important than that, that is, your personal choice. After all it is your office, you have to sit in it and spend time working, and so what you want is of primary importance. Undoubtedly, you should settle with a reception desk that you will be happy with for a long time, for you cannot go around changing your reception desk every now and then.

Go ahead, buy a smart and modern reception desk for you, just keep in mind the utility of it too.




Guest post by: Diana Perkins, Professional Copywriter

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