Does Hot Desking Increase Anxiety?

Published on 02/04/2019

Anxious worker


Creating a multi-functional space within an office can lead to greater productivity, and one way to achieve that is to look into hot desking. 

How does that phase make you feel?

Many people shiver at the thought of not having a modern office desk to call their own, and there are certain pros and cons to this type of working system. Check out this infographic by Breathe HR which outlines them clearly. 

Pros and Cons of HotDesking.


From that infographic you can clearly see that there are many pros, but there also downsides too, and these need to be taken into account. One of the biggest downsides of hot desking is that many people simply don’t like it. Within your office you may have employees who simply don’t like change, and don’t like the idea of moving around on a daily basis. This can increase anxiety, which leads to stress. Stress is never a good thing within an office environment or in life generally; did you know that stress has a link to heart disease?

If you are sure you want to implement hot desking you need to do it in a way which doesn’t cause anxiety to your employees.
This means being transparent about your reasons, informing them of every change, and perhaps even asking for advice. If you’re looking to buy new equipment, perhaps luxury office partitions, then ask for their opinion on those too. By involving your employees in the process, you can reduce anxiety, and therefore stress. 


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