Dress your boardroom to impress

Published on 28/10/2016

If there are two areas of your office that you really need to focus on in terms of their appearance, it’s your reception and your boardroom. Your reception is the first thing that visitors see, so if you’re to make a good impression, it’s vital that it looks the part. Meanwhile, your boardroom is where many important meetings, presentations and discussions are held. You underestimate the significance of this room at your peril.

Luckily, it’s now simple to get your hands on top-notch executive office furniture that can help ensure this part of your working space exudes class and style.

First things first

No boardroom is complete without a fabulous table. This is the centrepiece of the entire space and it’s vital that you get your choice of table spot on. Here at Calibre we offer an impressive selection of these items.

One factor you’ll need to think carefully about is size. You don’t want your boardroom table to be too small for its surroundings. This will look silly. On the other hand, if it’s too big, people could struggle to manoeuvre around the item of furniture to their seats.

Then there’s style to consider. If you want people to take your organisation seriously, it’s important that they respect your judgement. This means choosing furniture that perfectly matches your firm’s ethos. If you think something funky and modern would work well, you can take a look at our bespoke shaped boardroom tables. To achieve the most striking effects, why not go for a triangular or circular version?

Next on the list

Seating is also crucial. There’s no point in choosing fabulous tables and other items of modern office furniture if people have to make do with uncomfortable chairs.

By providing people with luxurious, attractive seating, you can help put them in a good mood and boost their concentration levels. To really impress your visitors, you may want to opt for high-backed leather chairs with a contemporary design.

Media walls

Of course, no boardroom is complete these days without the relevant technology and your firm may require a media wall. We offer a number of different solutions and should have the perfect version for you. When you’re choosing between these systems, it’s a good idea to think about scale. Placing very large screens in small rooms can be a mistake, and vice versa.

Attention to detail

Then there are those added details that can help to set boardrooms apart. As well as your big ticket contemporary office furniture, you might want to invest in extras like credenza units. You can store all sorts of items in these, including food and drinks. Being able to keep objects out of view and reveal them at suitable times is a big advantage.

You may also benefit from investing in some artwork for the walls. This can add brightness and give the space added personality. Plants make a good addition too, and if you don’t want the hassle of watering them, you can always choose synthetic versions.


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