External Training Days - Yes or No?

Published on 01/04/2019

Training day

Training is part and parcel of employee personal development, but it also benefits the company in a huge way. With extra skills and knowledge at their disposal, employees are able to stay up to date with new developments and bring all of that to their daily work, whilst they’re sat working hard on their office chairs. This can only be a good thing!

The problem is, how can you ensure this training occurs in the most cost effective and high quality of ways? External training days are an area of concern for many businesses, because you can never be sure that the content taught to delegates attending the course is relevant to your business. There is also a large cost to bear in mind too. 

What is the answer? Research into any external training day is vital, and perhaps asking many questions of the training company before making a decision. Another option is to have an outside speaker come into your business and to create a multi-functional space where staff can learn and soak up new knowledge. Training sessions can take place here, as well as general quiet research too.
It’s not hard to create a learning space such as this, all you need is a little trendy office furniture to create the right vibe!

Creating your own in-house training packages could save you a large amount of cash on external training days, especially if you have a large business and many employees. This also helps you to target learning methods towards different employee personality styles too, getting the best out of the whole endeavour. 

Do you regularly attend external training days? What do you think of them? 


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