5 Reasons Why Investing in Your Employees is a No-Brainer

Published on 28/04/2021

Any business that doesn’t recognise the importance of their employees is on the slippery slope to failure. It’s that simple. 

Far too many businesses focus on other things, such as investments, growth, products, and doing one better than the competition. Whilst those are important things in themselves, if you don’t focus your attention on the basics, i.e. the people who are doing the work for you, nothing else is going to work. 

Businesses invest huge amounts of cash in new product launches and advertising campaigns but don’t do the same for the people sitting at their office desks day in day out, actually doing the hard work!

Investing your time, money, and attention in your employees is the most basic thing you should be doing, and here’s why. 

Engaged employees will come up with creative solutions and innovative ideas

When employees care about the business, because they feel valued and looked after, they’re more likely to come up with ideas which could change the shape of the business’ future. The ideas that your employees generate come from experience in the field; they’re the ones actually doing the work, so they know what will work versus what won’t. When employees don’t feel valued, they won’t bother coming up with ideas because let’s face it, why should they?

Engaged employees make fewer mistakes

When employees feel valued and they enjoy the work they do, they’ll work harder, they’ll pay more attention, and that means they’ll make less mistakes. Mistakes cost a business money, and whilst humans do make the odd error every now and again, they’re going to be far less frequent when more care and attention is used. 

Engaged employees care about the service they provide 

Employees who feel valued will take great pride in the service they provide to customers and clients. That means that your customers are going to feel valued too and when that happens, it’s truly the perfect storm when it comes to business success. 

Engaged employees are less likely to leave their job

When employees enjoy their job, they care about the business and they feel valued, they’re less likely to leave to pastures new. Yes, some will leave because of opportunities that arise, but it’s less common than when employees aren’t being involved in decision-making, they feel undervalued, and they have an unfair workload. 

Engaged employees are less likely to go off sick with stress

Workplace stress is one of the most common reasons for employees going off on long-term sickness absence. This costs a business a huge amount over the course of a year. When employees feel valued and they know they can talk to their manager if they feel under pressure, there will be less stress all-around. 

All of this from just paying attention to your employees’ needs and investing in their workplace experience!

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