Five Reasons Why Mothers Are an Asset in The Workplace

Published on 02/03/2018


Whilst we certainly don’t need a set date of the year to celebrate, March is the month when we give our nod of thanks to the most important woman in our lives – our mother. From giving us life, to supporting us through our ups and downs, our mothers have been there every step of the way, but from a business point of view, mothers are a huge asset to have in the workplace.

Life experience, intuition, thinking outside the box, these are all qualities that a mother has as standard, and in a business situation these are all hugely helpful to have on board. Why wouldn’t you want someone in your team who can solve any issue that is thrown at them, someone who has no time for office politics, and someone who will always get the job done to the best of her ability?

It is now 100 years since women earned the right to vote, and with this fact, on top of the many worldwide movements currently underway, keen to bring gender equality to the forefront of our minds, let’s explore exactly why mothers are a huge asset to have in the workplace.

Reason 1 – Life Experience And Problem Solving Talent

A mother can solve almost any problem, and that means that creative problem solving ideas can easily be brought to the fore. This is a great asset to have on board, and also means some fantastic ideas are likely to be brought to boardroom meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Troubleshooting is second nature to a mother, from toddler tantrums in the middle of a supermarket aisle, to a teenage meltdown over a wardrobe malfunction, mums can think on their feet and solve the issue fast. In a business situation, that is something you definitely want in your team, and will avert disaster in business issues which need someone who can quickly think on their feet. In terms of dealing with difficult customers and clients, a mother is the person you want helping out.

Reason 2 – Women Overall (Mothers Included) Are Keen to Prove Their Worth

We mentioned the gender equality movements that are going on at the moment particular in the entertainment industry, but this means that more and more women are pushing to show exactly why they should be equal to men – and rightly so! This is good news for business however, because there will be no procrastination, no dilly dallying, and no wasting time – a mother wants to get the job done, and will do it to the best of her ability. She will sit at her office desks and she will do what she is supposed to do, and she will do it very well indeed.

Reason 3 – A Caring Attitude to Others in The Workplace

A mother nurtures as second nature, and that means if a younger person in the workplace is struggling, she will see it and she will help wherever she can. Having this caring force can be a real asset, because a younger member of staff will thrive from that, feel as though they have a mentor and a role model to work with, and that will help them reach their potential.

Mothers like to fix things, they want everyone to be happy, it’s just part of the make up of someone who has brought another human being into the world. Similarly, if someone upsets a mother and their child, wrath will be unleased! A mother who cares about her job and her workplace will show the same level of commitment and the same level of spirit as she shows in her motherhood.

Reason 4 – Much Less Chance of Office Fall Outs and Drama

A mother hasn’t got time or patience for drama and petty squabbles, so there will be no office trauma at the hands of a mother in your workplace. A mother has a much more forgiving take on the world, they understand that people talk, that people gossip, and that people make mistakes, and that at the end of the day, none of it really matters. This is a great attitude to have, and one which a mother breeds as second nature.

Reason 5 – Low Maintenance

That might sound a little ‘wrong’ but bear with us. A mother is much less focused on the material things in life, e.g. designer office chairs, and luxury office furniture. Whilst comfort is key, a mother is more focused on getting the job done and getting it done well, rather than how the office looks and how modern it appears.

That might sound like a generalisation, because of course everyone wants to work in a classy office full of glass desks and shiny furniture, but compared to a new starter, someone young and fresh out of university, a mother is much more likely to be focused on how the office works, compared to its appearance. This saves the company cash overall, and that’s always a bonus.

So there you have it, five reasons why a mother is a fantastic asset to have in the workplace. Tenacious, focused, hard-working, and keen to impress, a mother is someone who will work to the best of her ability and get the job done, thinking on her feet and coming up with creative solutions to problems that arise on the go. She is not someone who is going to engage in petty office squabbles, and she is not someone who is going to cause you issues with drama. Instead, you will find an employee who is there to work for you and succeed. What more could you want?

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