5 Reasons Why Poor Management Leads to Staff Shortages

Published on 31/01/2021


Poor management takes a successful business and drags it down to the point where it is doomed to failure. It is one of the most common reasons for staff leaving a business and for those who decide to stick it out, morale drops to the point where productivity quickly follows. 

On the other hand, good quality management has the total opposite effects. Employees want to stay, they want to grow and learn, they’re motivated, they feel inspired, and they’re more likely to go the extra mile as a result. 

We know that one of the main reasons for staff leaving is poor management but we also know that word gets around and as a result, new talent is very unlikely to be attracted to your business also. This leaves your office with a group of employees who don’t want to be there, overloaded with work, and plenty of vacancies that can’t be filled. It’s not a good situation. 

To delve into this further, let’s look at exactly why poor management leaves you with empty office chairs to fill. 

  1. Employees become disillusioned – When you’re surrounded by negativity every single day, it’s very easy to feel down and totally disillusioned about your future work prospects. Your get up and go literally disappears and you really don’t feel like you should push yourself beyond the bare basics that you need to do. Why should you?
  2. Employees feel undervalued – A poor manager doesn’t listen to their employees and doesn’t really care about any suggestions they may have. This easily leads towards employees feeling like they’re not valued and when you feel that way, what is the point in sticking around?
  3. Employees don’t feel listened to – There are times when employees need to talk to their manager about work-related issues or problems they’re going through. They might also have suggestions that could really make a difference to how the office works. If the manager just doesn’t listen, they’re going to feel pretty bad about it. Over time, this builds up to the point where moving to another office just seems like a better option. 
  4. Employees become stressed – Poor management creates an atmosphere of stress and we all know that workplace stress is something we need to do our best to avoid. Employees may go off sick with stress or they may simply leave. 
  5. Employees know they can find a better situation elsewhere – Of course, when you’re experiencing all of the above, you know that there is a brighter office elsewhere. In that case, who can blame an employee for looking at alternative options?

All of this easily adds up to an office that starts haemorrhaging experienced staff. Focus on being a good manager, and many of your problems will disappear. 

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