5 Reception No-No's to Always Remember

Published on 30/04/2022

The reception area is one of the most important spots in your entire building, if not THE most important spot. 

This is where people will first enter the building and that is where they’ll form the bulk of their first impression. If that impression is negative, it’s going to be very hard to change their minds. They might even decide to leave and not take it any further. But, if the impression is positive, you can usually look forward to a fruitful experience. 

Modern office design often focuses upon the main office but the truth is, if you want to succeed in business, you need to pay attention to your reception area. If you’re keen to make your reception area as impressive as possible, check out this infographic for a few ideas. 

Source - https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/243927

As much as it’s important to know how to make an impressive reception area, it’s just as important, if not more so, to know about the things not to do. 

Here are five reception are no-no’s that should never “grace” your space. 

The Reception Desk is Unmanned

There should be someone at your reception desk at all times. If the reception is due to go for a break, they should have cover at that time. If the receptionist calls in sick, someone should take their place. 

The Receptionist is Unwelcoming or Snappy

The role of the receptionist isn’t an easy one. We all have bad days when we don’t feel like being pleasant to anyone, but the receptionist can never let that show. If they’re rude or unwelcoming in any way, that’s going to contribute to a very negative first impression indeed. 

Spillages Are Left Uncleaned

Any spillage in the reception area should be cleaned up immediately and a ‘wet floor’ sign placed there until it dries. In fact, this advice goes for any part of your workplace! Similarly, when it’s raining outside, if you have a laminate or wooden floor, make sure you pay extra attention. 

The Area is Left Untidy Until The End of The Day 

Even when the reception area is busy, it should never be left even slightly untidy. Make sure that chairs are straightened, magazines are kept tidy, and cups are cleared away. The receptionist needs to check for any mess regularly. An untidy reception area is an unprofessional reception area. 

Refreshment Stations Are Empty 

If you’re going to offer refreshments, e.g. water, tea, coffee, juice, etc, then make sure the refreshments are actually there! If the water cooler needs to be filled up, the receptionist should call someone to do it as soon as they notice. If the tea station needs more teabags, this should be filled up straightaway. Don’t offer something and then don’t carry it through! 

These five reception area no-no’s should be avoided at all times. They may seem like common sense, but these are the things that are often accidentally overlooked. 

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