5 Steps to a Happier Working Life

Published on 31/05/2022

Having a positive attitude at work isn’t easy when a curveball comes your way and ruins what would be an otherwise productive day. But, there are ways you can side-step impending negativity and work towards a more enjoyable working experience. 

Nobody feels super-positive all the time when they’re sitting at their executive office desk. Demands on your time and stress can all take their toll, but it’s important to remember that the ability to remain positive is in your hands. In the end, positivity is a choice. 

If you’re keen to add more smiles to your working days, here are five steps you can take to a happier working life

  • Focus on positivity - Try and be more positive in general, not only at work but in your home life too. Try positive affirmations and reframing to help you become more positive over the long-term. It will take time to rewire your brain a little, but it’s more than worth it. 
  • Discuss problems with people - Sometimes when we have a misunderstanding with someone or we don’t like what they’ve said, we keep quiet and somehow expect them to read our minds. Rather than doing this, communicate with them effectively and calmly. You’ll be surprised how quickly problem can disappear if you only talk about them. 
  • Feel confident enough to put forth your ideas - It’s easy to feel negative if you’re not confident enough to talk about the ideas you have around the boardroom furniture. But, what makes you think that your ideas aren’t as good as everyone else? Maybe they feel that way too! Go for it and you’ll wonder what you were worried about. 
  • Use stress management techniques - It’s very easy for stress to take over and cause you to feel overwhelmed, but stress management techniques allow you to take back control and push stress out of your life. 
  • Use time management techniques - When you feel like you have control over your day, it’s much easier to feel happier while you’re sitting at your desk, ticking items off your to-do list. Look toward prioritising, scheduling, or the Pomodoro Technique for a few useful strategies to get more done without feeling overwhelmed. 

These five strategies may seem simple, but they’re super-effective when it comes to taking control back over your working life and enjoying your time as much as you can! 

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