5 Steps to a Positive Office Decor

Published on 31/05/2022

If you assume that the way in which your office is designed has no bearing on how your employees feel, you’re wrong!

Think back to the last time you walked into a very small and dark office, did it make you feel inspired? No, it probably made you want to turn around and walk back out again! The same goes for how that office would make your employees feel and it would drag them down every single day they spent in it. 

If you want to encourage your employees to be positive at work and to maintain that happy and healthy feel during their working days, you need to help them a little. That means giving them the office they deserve. 

It’s not only about choosing office furniture carefully and space management, it’s also about decor

Check out this infographic which talks in detail about how you can benefit from your office design. 

Source - https://www.officeinteriors.ca/blog/ways-to-benefit-from-office-design/

Now you can see how important your overall design is!

To give you a few extra ideas, here are five ways you can create a positive office decor in your space. 

  • Bring nature indoors - Office plants don’t only look great, but they have a wealth of benefits in terms of productivity, mood, and health too. Opt for low maintenance plants and you’ll have all the benefits with little upkeep. 
  • Opt for creative, uplifting colours - Avoid red in your office at all costs and instead, go for colours such as blue, yellow, or green, which are known to be uplifting and creative colours. 
  • Choose innovative furniture choices - Office booths, breakout furniture, and acoustic panels are all great choices for your office because they not only look fantastic, but they serve a very useful purpose too. 
  • Ask your employees what the want to see - Of course, make sure you ask your employees what they want, and by doing that, you’ll show them that you value their opinion. 
  • Let natural light do its job - Make sure that the window sills are clear and you can throw open those windows whenever the weather allows. Natural light and fresh air can really bring new energy into a space. 

You should be under no illusions about the importance of office design in helping to bring a fresh and uplifting feel to your office. 

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