5 Things to Add to Your New Starter's Workstation

Published on 30/06/2022

When a new employee starts work in your office, it pays to have everything they need already set up before their first day. Not only does that avoid stress on your side, but it helps them to feel like you’re ready and anticipating their arrival. 

It might seem like a very obvious thing to suggest, but you need to have their workstation set up ahead of time. This will help them settle in because it gives them a base in the office, somewhere they can call their own in a space that is completely alien to them at that point. 

So, what should you have as the basics on your new employee’s workstation?

  • Office desk - An obvious one first, but you need to make sure that your new employee has their own office desk (unless you have an agile working or hot desking arrangement). This should be large enough for what they need and should be placed somewhere that isn’t too close to everyone else. 
  • Ergonomic office chair - Every single employee has their own needs in terms of how their chair should be set up. Ergonomic office chairs are adjustable to personal preferences and that helps to cut down on aches and pains. 
  • Storage for their personal belongings - Some businesses have lockers, while others have small storage cabinets that lock. Whatever your business has, make sure you have some storage for your employee to put their bag and other belongings. 
  • Office supplies - Pens, paper, paperclips, whatever else they need to do their job. Don’t assume they will have brought a pen with them! Sometimes people forget the smallest thing when they’re in the middle of first day nerves. 
  • Computer with access to everything they need - Unless you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) arrangement in place, make sure you have an up to date computer for your employee and that you’ve arranged access to systems and files, etc. 

By setting up your new employee’s workstation well before they arrive, they’ll feel more comfortable on their first day and they’re more likely to start being productive a lot sooner too. 

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