5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your To Do List

Published on 10/12/2019


Do you find that you’re always worrying about work, to the point where you’re struggling to sleep at night?

Do you go to work the next morning with a groggy feeling in your head, bleary eyes, and a slight headache from a night of tossing and turning?

If so, you need to focus on the reason for your sleep problems, learn to manage your time better and reduce your stress, and therefore solve all your associated problems. 

Never underestimate the power of sleep. We don’t sleep because we’re lazy or because our beds are too warm and cosy to want to get out of in the morning, getting the right amount of sleep every night matters! This allows your mind and body the time it needs to repair itself, recharge its batteries and begin a fresh page the next day. Without sleep, we’re unable to operate, and over time, sleep deprivation can be extremely damaging to your health, both physically and mentally. 

If you’re not sure how much sleep you should be getting, check out this infographic below. 

Source - https://themattressmom.com/how-much-sleep-should-you-get-an-infographic/

So, aside from a biological need to sleep, meaning that sleep deprivation is something you need to try and avoid at all costs, how exactly can this deprivation of time in slumberland actually ruin your productivity during a working day at your executive office furniture?

Why Getting Enough Sleep is the Ultimate Time Management Technique  

When you don’t get enough sleep during the night, the following day you will find that your to do list is left uncompleted. Here’s why: 

  1. You’re unable to focus for as long as you should, which means you’re more likely to procrastinate and find yourself distracted as a result 
  2. You will make more mistakes, simply because you can’t focus and all you can think about is how tired you are, or how much your head and eyes hurt
  3. When you have enough sleep, you have more energy and you’re therefore able to concentrate in bursts when you combine this with enough breaks during the day
  4. When you’re sleep-deprived, you’re more likely to reach for unhealthy, sugar-laden snacks. These will give you a temporary burst of energy but your blood sugar will then crash, leaving you sluggish and lacking even more energy than before
  5. Sleep deprivation can affect your mood over time, leaving you anxious, angry, and agitated. This may means you snap at a colleague or even a customer, causing a problem within the office setting. Even if you manage to avoid snapping, feeling this way will not help you to tick those items off your to do list app.

As you can see, getting enough sleep isn’t just about having a few hours to yourself and enjoying the comfort of your bed. It’s about being able to focus and concentrate and it’s also about being healthy. Everything is affected by how much sleep you do or don’t get. Your appetite is directly linked to sleep, and you’ll certainly find that if you’re lacking in snoozes, you’re likely to be snacking on the wrong types of things from your desks. 

Productivity hinges on so many different things, and it’s not all about how much you try and get done in one day. In many ways, it’s how you feel within yourself and how you treat your body, in order to ensure that you give it what it needs to fuel your efforts during your working day.

 Provided you ensure that you get enough sleep, you eat the right things, and you focus on time management techniques that work for you, you should be super-productive over the course of every day, whether that means ticking every item off your to do list, or simply making major progress on a large project which may have left you procrastinating for weeks otherwise. 

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