Flooring Issues Throughout The Seasons

Published on 30/07/2022

When designing an office, it’s important to cover all bases. However, it’s also easy to miss out specific details because the project can seem overwhelming.

That’s why you should always take your time and plan an office design or even a redesign carefully. One element which often overlooked or pushed down the priority order, is office flooring.

We spend a lot of time pondering the subject of office ventilation but we forget that flooring can actually help when it comes to temperature control in the first place. Carpeting can hold heat in, which is ideal for the winter months. However, not so great during the height of summer.

Laminate flooring is ideal for warmer weather but can strike cold during the winter months.

So, which option is best for all season? Before we explore that question, check out this video which talks about the different types of commercial flooring.

The truth is that you cannot find a flooring option that is not going to cause you one single problem regardless of the month. What you can do is arrange a flexible approach so you can mix and match your flooring options.

How about having laminate or wooden flooring laid and then use a carpet on top for the cold months? It may cost you slightly more when you purchase and lay the carpeting but it will save you on your heating bills. You can then remove the carpet and place it in storage during the summer, sticking to your laminate or wooden floor for a cooler feel to your office. Again, you’ll save money because you won’t have to have your air conditioning on quite so much!

We can’t ignore the fact that productivity at work hinges very heavily on comfort levels. Your employees aren’t going to be working as much or as well as they could if they’re feeling cold or hot while sitting at their office chairs. They need to be comfortable and able to focus on the job at hand.

Flooring is just one element which many people forget about but which can make a huge difference to how comfortable the office is during different seasons.

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