4 Reasons Why a High Quality Home Office is Necessary For Optimum Productivity

Published on 09/11/2020


Working from home has been thrown into the spotlight over the last few months due to the pandemic we’re currently living through. However this flexible working method has been around for decades. 

Many people falsely believe that you can decide to work from home and simply sit on your sofa with a laptop on your knee, or even sit in bed and get to work. The problem? You’re going to be rather unproductive and your back will be crying after a few hours!

Whilst you don’t need to set up a full scale commercial office in order to be comfortable and productive at home, you do need to have a home office that has everything you need and offers you support and comfort to enable you to get through your working day without feeling like you back is about to snap in two. 

Check out this infographic which has plenty of information on how to create a great home office set up in your space. 

Source - https://www.business2community.com/infographics/make-home-office-work-infographic-01423933

To convince you further, here are four reasons why having a high quality home office, whatever that is to you, is necessary for productivity. 

  1. To prevent aches and pains - You need home office furniture which supports your back, neck, shoulders, and wrists to avoid lower back pain and other chronic pain conditions which are commonly associated with office work. Whilst you don’t need a huge office chair, you can find home office-friendly ergonomic options which will give you the support you need. 
  2. To avoid discomfort-related distractions - When you’re not comfortable, it’s not easy to concentration and get the work done that you need to do. However, if you create a space that supports your body, you’ll find it easier to concentrate. 
  3. To give you enough space to work and for storage - If you have a very small space, you’re going to have papers all over the place. That’s not going to help you stay organised and you’re more likely to make mistakes as a result. Having a well designed space means you’ll be able to concentrate more effectively. 
  4. To keep you in the right mindset - Designing a comfortable home office means that you’ll be in the work mindset. When you sit on your sofa, your mind is always going to be half in work mode, half in home mode. Creating an office means that you’ll not only concentrate better, but you’ll focus more effectively too. 

Designing a home office means looking at the space you have and working out the best way to adapt to it. Ensuring that you do so with total focus means that your work will be of a higher quality and you won’t be affected by aches and pains at the end of every day. 

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