4 Ways The Pomodoro Technique Can Help You

Published on 10/12/2019


Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique?

No, this isn’t some new-fangled yoga pose or anything to do with artisan cooking, it’s a time management technique which could help you get far more done in the hours you have at your office desk!

It’s quite likely that at some point during a day in the office you look at the clock and wonder where the time went. You might then start to panic because you haven’t done half the things you wanted to do that day, and then anxiety and stress can creep in. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, and it’s simply important to understand why time management is key, and then learn strategies which can help you manipulate time, and get more done!

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a method of working which allows you to take regular breaks, benefit from refreshing your mind and then work in time blocks which aim to ensure maximum productivity. 

Check out this infographic which explains how the technique works. 

Source - https://medium.com/the-crossover-cast/the-pomodoro-technique-the-tomato-inspired-productivity-philosophy-ad3ba4cb2cfe

As you can see, this technique uses blocks of time combined with regular, short breaks. But, why is it useful and do the regular breaks prove to be unproductive?

  1. You are far more productive when your mind is refreshed. During your breaks you can refocus and then when you return to the task, you can concentrate fully, allowing you to get more done at your executive desk
  2. Regular breaks are vital for overall health and wellbeing and help to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace. This is a great way to combine time management with stress management, two of the most important subject areas to learn about!
  3. Short bursts of energised working help you to really focus on what you’re doing. If you have longer bursts, your mind is going to start wavering towards the end. When you use these smaller bursts, however, you’re fully engaged in the task you’re focused on
  4. The Pomodoro Technique has been shown to be very useful for many people, therefore reducing workplace stress and helping you to be healthier in general. When you’re stressed and under pressure, it affects everything about your health and wellbeing. Flipping that picture around is a very healthy thing to do!

As you can see, the Pomodoro Technique allows you to focus in short bursts and have breaks at the same time. Understanding the importance of time management also means that you understand why breaks are important too. Many people falsely think that slaving away for hours is the best way to get things done, but it’s actually not at all! Your mind will start to slow down and as a result, you’ll procrastinate and find it far too easy to become distracted. 

That’s not a productive picture. 

If you have large tasks to complete, it’s a good idea to break the task down into more achievable milestones and combine that with the Pomodoro Method. 

A large task can seem like a huge mountain to climb, one which is impossible in a short space of time. As a result, it’s easy to procrastinate and put it off, but by doing that you’re causing more pressure because at some point it’s going to become urgent. It’s a far better idea to break it down into small chunks and complete them over a longer space of time. By doing this, you’re making slow and steady progress, the pressure is off, and you’re far less likely to make mistakes and procrastinate in general. 

There are many time management techniques you can try from your executive office chairs, and whilst not every technique will suit every person, it’s a good idea to try a few and figure out which one works best for you. The Pomodoro Technique is certainly one of the most popular and one which many people like to use either on a daily basis or whenever their workload starts to build up to a level which starts to cause them stress and anxiety. 

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