Fun & Motivating Items to Keep at Your Desk

Published on 28/04/2017


As office workers spend a large sum of time at their office desks, it only makes sense for them to add some character to their personal office space. You might be wondering, how can this exactly be achieved? It’s simple. Add some fun and motivating items at your desk and you're good to go.

Below are some useful and creative ideas on what you might want to keep at your desk to boost your morale in the workplace. Why not give them a try? They will certainly blend in with the rest of the modern office furniture at your organisation.

Idea 1: Purchase a Rubik’s Cube:

No matter what your job role or the type of office desk you have, a Rubik’s Cube is guaranteed to keep you entertained at any point of the day. Therefore, even if you’re a Director with a fancy glass desk, this office item will not only blend in well with the rest of your office items but it will also allow you to have some timeout from your heavy workload.

Idea 2: Invest in a funky motivational coffee mug:

Several office workers usually lose count of their coffee and tea intake during work hours. Due to a high coffee and tea consumption that exists in most organisations, office workers are advised to invest in a quirky but motivational coffee mug (see example below), which would boost their morale every time they use it. It is also recommendable for you to keep it at your desk so it’s always in sight while you’re working.


Idea 3: Buy a desk plant

You may find that the furthest you or even some of your work colleagues might go in terms of improving the appearance of your desk is to just occasionally clean it. Although tidying up and making use of your available office storage facilities is important there are still other innovative ways you can also try out to make your desk look better.

Ever thought about buying a desk plant such as a cactus and watching it blossom? This will not only make your desk look attractive but it will also sometimes help keep your mind occupied on something else other than work.

Final thoughts:

As most of our time in the office is spent at our desk, it’s a great excuse to jazz it up with some unique but attractive office items like a desk plant, a Rubik’s Cube or both! Make your experience in the office as fun as you can by starting with adding some excitement to your office desk.

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