Calibre’s Quick Insights – What is Good Teamwork Versus Bad Teamwork?

Published on 30/11/2018

Today we will concentrate on the topic of teamwork.

Teamwork can be the difference between success and failure. Having said that, there are two different types of teamwork - good and bad.

A team, which pulls together in the same direction, works fairly and equally, will always be a success. On the other hand, a team which is gossiping, backstabbing, and with members who are trying to stand out, is never going to achieve an aim.

Check out this video to really highlight good teamwork versus bad in a very simple, yet effective way.

As you can see, good teamwork is everyone protecting each other and working for a common goal. Bad teamwork is not including everyone equally, which results in no-one winning. You’re in effect putting up a huge office partition screen between the team and the one person you’re alienating, and that’s never going to work. In addition, it’s not a pleasant and harmonious environment either.

On the other hand, good teamwork achieves a common goal, and breakout spaces are ideal for teamwork collaboration. This is a separate space, which allows everyone to chip in his or her ideas in a relaxed area. If your office doesn’t have one yet, check out office furniture in London options if you’re based in that region to create a truly collaborative vibe.

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