Let's Discuss - Healthy Workers Means Productive Business

Published on 03/12/2018

Do you consider yourself healthy? Really, think about it.

The fact is, most office workers spend way too much time sitting down, due to the very nature of the job. Being sedentary for a long period of time does not make for a healthier business, and can create a workforce which leans more towards unhealthy than anything else.

You might wonder why the health of your staff matters - it does! A healthy workforce creates a productive business. Check out the following video to see why.

This video is geared towards Australian businesses, but the information rings true no matter where you are in the world. Healthy workers are twice as productive as workers who are unhealthy. That is a definite reason to try and implement a healthy culture in your workplace! In addition, lowering stress in your office is also a way to avoid staff making unhealthy choices, in order to cope with the pressure.

It all comes down to awareness, so showcasing the reasons why staff need to be healthy, as well as the benefits, is vital. You should also make sure that when you buy office furniture, it meets the need of your staff, for support and comfort during their working day.

There are countless ways you can achieve this healthy environment in your workplace. Can you think of any innovative ways to create a health-focused culture? Check out our Facebook page and share your ideas!

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