How a reception area can make all the difference

Published on 28/10/2016

When it comes to designing or renovating your office, the reception area is a crucial part in helping you project the right image for your business. As the the natural hub of your company, the entrance area will play a key part in making your visitors feel welcome and valued, as well as providing the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression with clients, customers and prospective business partners.

Establish your style

Receptions are often bespoke to individual companies, and the design and materials you choose to kit out this area should reflect the demographics of your business and be suggestive of what your company is about. For example, if you are a fresh, modern office with a laid-back outlook, a stylish reception desk with innovative lighting effects and eye-catching chairs will help to evoke a cutting-edge vibe. Alternatively, if you’re going for the classy look, sleek designs and elegant wooden office furniture will help to instill a sense of sophistication.

Whatever style you choose, you’re reception should have a carefully considered design scheme that your guests will remember. The room should be a combination of style and functionality, with touches of personality that add charm to the office environment.

Remember that the reception desk will be the visual focal point of the room and that the quality of your furnishings will make an important contribution to first impressions. A reception that is drab, disorganised and generally lacks lustre will project the wrong image to your visitors.

A professional image

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, your reception should be functional and professional.  Although it’s important that your entrance feels welcoming, overcrowding the room with novelty accessories and a multitude of bright colours may appear unprofessional and frivolous.

Remember that reception area can be used for a variety of professional purposes, including showcasing any awards the company has won, displaying products that are for sale or providing further information about your business.

As well as keeping the welcoming area clean and tidy at all times, a desk with extra storage space can offer a useful solution to preventing any clutter that may evoke an untidy, disorganised image.

A warm welcome

It’s important to make you visitor’s feel comfortable and relaxed when they arrive. Bland office furniture or reception desks that are too high and obtrusive may make your company seem intimidating and uninviting. You may also want to consider fun and imaginative designs to greet your guests in style.

However, it’s not all about appearance, and your reception must also meet the needs of your visitors and enhance their overall experience of the company. As well as a desk, you may also want to provide a comfortable seating area where visitors can wait, as well as a selection of reading material and a water dispenser. A well-lit, calm and relaxing environment will help to communicate a welcoming message and ensure that your visitors have a pleasurable experience.


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