How Many Germs Are on Your Keyboard?

Published on 01/04/2019

Bacteria on keyboard


The squeamish amongst you may want to look away now. 

Did you know that an average office keyboard can have more than 3000 bacteria per square inch?

You’re sat on your office chair, looking at your keyboard in disgust right now, probably. 

The biggest reason for such a bacterial overload is eating lunch at your desk. Do not do it! Even if that isn’t the reason for the germs lurking under the QWERTY keys, you’re putting yourself at risk of actually ingesting them by eating nearby!

Check out this infographic by Quill for a quick visual explanation

Keyboard and Hygiene



It doesn’t matter if you have fancy executive office desks or something else entirely, the keyboard sat upon that desk is a germ party. So, what can you do about it? Clean it on a regular basis for starters, wipe it with antibacterial wipes once a week, or every time you eat at your desk. Also, wash hands regularly and properly (germs can also get onto hands if people touch any object that has germs on it). Even the most stylish office desks become caked in grime when not cleaned regularly, so make it your aim to clean down your desk at the start of every day. This will help get rid of the build up from the previous day, and give you a fresh start. Also, make sure you’re not eating there, and don’t forget to tip that keyboard upside down and give it a good wipe down too! 

You can’t completely eradicate bacteria; it’s everywhere we touch, but having a huge amount of bacteria in your keyboard without good reason is just downright unhealthy! 

Have you developed any useful desk and keyboard cleaning tips you want to share? 


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