How to Allocate Annual Leave Fairly

Published on 08/07/2019

Annual leave

It goes without saying that summer is a busy time for office annual leave. Everyone wants to take advantage of the weather and everyone wants to jet off somewhere exotic. If you have staff with children, they also want to spend time with their little ones and this can cause disharmony between staff members sitting next to each other at the office bench desks, who don’t have children but who want to jet off somewhere at that very time.

With all of this in mind, how can you allocate annual leave fairly, to ensure that everyone gets at least a little of what they want, away from collaboration duties around the oval boardroom table?

Check out this infographic which outlines the process you should follow, to be fair to all.

Allocating holiday - Infographic


The single best way to allocate annual leave in the fairest of ways is to go down the line of a first come first served basis, whilst also monitoring whether one employee has had more than another. You can monitor this electronically, perhaps with a database or spreadsheet, and doing this will ensure fairness across the board.

As a manager, sitting in your executive chair, this will ensure that your office is fully staffed no matter what the month. 

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