A guide on how to beat stress during challenging periods at work

Published on 27/10/2016

Not too long ago, I came across a greatly inspirational post by http://tinybuddha.com/ about the different ways to deal with work stress.

Let’s face it, most of us must have all been through a tough time at work due to a range of reasons. These could include anything from the urgency of meeting unrealistic deadlines to dealing with difficult clients or customers.

There is a reference in the article about meditation being key. This is something I’ve wanted to try out for some time now. The thought of sparing a few minutes of the day not thinking about anything at all seems ideal to me. This is especially true for office workers like myself who have to always be mindful at work.

The post also suggests that it’s paramount for us to actively switch our thoughts from negative to positive no matter what the situation. All we need to do is convert our negative thoughts to positive ones in any given scenario at work. A good example of this would be to remind yourself that you CAN do (x) not that you CAN’T do (x).

For me personally, listening to music & exercising extremely help relieve my stress levels. Both activities really lift up my spirits & make it easier for me to cope with stressful periods whether it is stress being caused at work or in my personal life. If for instance, it’s work-related stress than I try to focus on the more positive aspects of my work like socialising with my work colleagues or by simply changing the look of my desk from time to time so it’s more symbolic of me and makes me feel more comfortable in my work environment.

To conclude therefore, as time has passed, I have learnt that everything ultimately all falls into place. The stress you may be currently feeling is only temporary and will blow over faster than you think. The best way to overcome stress in a nutshell is to stay positive at all times no matter what.



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