How to Deal With an Angry Reception Area Visitor

Published on 21/08/2019


If a visitor arrives into your reception area and they have a problem, perhaps they’re a little angry, there is a certain way to deal with it, in order to stop the problem becoming a larger issue.

If you handle the problem with professionalism and empathy, you can calm the waters, resolve the issue, and hopefully retain the customer for future business. But, how can you do that?

Here are 5 steps to refer to if you have to deal with conflict in the reception area. 

  1. Be friendly and attentive at all times - It’s vital that you let your visitor know that you’re listening to them and you’re taking them seriously. Avoid any remarks that make them think otherwise and make sure you give them all your attention at that moment. 
  2. Explain what you’re going to do - Make sure you explain to your visitor what your next steps are, e.g. “please take a seat on the reception seating and I’ll contact the manager for you now”.
  3. Give them updates as they wait - Don’t keep them waiting for too long, you’re only going to make them more upset. Update them on progress as they’re waiting. 
  4. Offer a refreshment and make them comfortable - Whilst it’s not going to solve their problem, making them comfortable and giving them refreshments will show that you care. 
  5. If they’re very angry, take them away from the reception area and deal with the problem in a quieter space - If a visitor is shouting in the reception area, it’s going to upset other visitors. 

Most of the time, these five steps will easily solve any angry visitor problem with ease. 

Do you have experience of dealing with angry visitors to your reception space?

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